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Train ChatGPT to write content like you in seconds

Making AI-Generated Content Lively, Likable, and Truly Interactive! Learn to Train ChatGPT to Mimic Your Unique Writing Style.

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With ChatGPT you can write lengthy blogs and you can even write eBooks of 55+ pages in minutes but they sound robotic.

You can train ChatGPT to write like you in seconds.

There are 2 methods to this.

  1. Install a plugin called “HumanInf“

  2. Train it manually to get the best results.

ChatGPT plugin installation:

You will need to install a plugin called HumanInf first.

Installing and using the HumanInf plugin:

If you haven't subscribed to ChatGPT Plus then do it because you won't be able to enable the plugin feature.

After subscribing:

Go to Settings, go to beta features, and enable plugins.

Go to the Plugin store and search "HumanInf" install it

Using GPT-3.5 to write an ad copy for a fitness app:

Now, how to make this human-like?

Go to the Plugin store and install "HumanInf" and enable it.

Copy the content generated by GPT-3.5 and paste it into the HumanInf:

Here’s how to use HumanInf:

Training ChatGPT to write and create content like you:

You can train ChatGPT to write like you. In a few steps, you can make it your clone and generate high-quality content in seconds.

Step: 1 - Starting point (The learning)

You need to make ChatGPT aware of your content. If it doesn't know your style then it will generate the same robotic content you have seen before.


“Hey ChatGPT, I want you to imitate my writing style and help me with content creation for my socials and blog. I will share with you my content writing style and format then what you will have to do is imitate it. When you're done show me "Done". After that, I will ask you questions and you will have to answer them creatively.“

Step: 2 - Sharing your content

Share your written blog or social media post and it will imitate it and familiarize itself with it so it can generate content for you.


Here’s my writing:


Last step: 3 - Asking it questions

In this step, you need to give the command to ChatGPT to write content for you.

Choose a topic, keywords, and main ideas of the content and share it with ChatGPT. It will generate it in seconds in your writing style.


Write a (blog/Tweet/Twitter thread/LinkedIn post/article) on [Topic]. Keywords:

This is how you train this amazing bot to write content in your style.

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