This Canva side hustle is underrated

Here's how you can use Canva to start a profitable side hustle:

The Side hustle I'm talking about is selling DIGITAL PRODUCTS.

Digital products are profitable.

Almost everyone can create and sell them for free.

Here's how to get started:

To begin, you need to learn Canva:

Here's an official Canva school that you need to check out to learn Canva for free:

Products you can create with Canva that are easy to create and sell:

1. Ebooks

2. Ebook templates

3. Social media templates:

- Instagram carousel templates

- LinkedIn carousel templates

- Pinterest ads templates

- Facebook ads templates

- Instagram ads templates

4. Presentation templates

5. T-shirt and wearable templates

1. Ebooks

You can use Canva to give a service for creating an Ebook and also sell them.

2. Ebook templates

Most creators and businesses just need a template to put their content in.

You can help them with your eBook templates.

3. Social media templates

Instagram and LinkedIn carousels are booming.

Even I sell them and would buy if I saw any good carousels.

(PS. If you got any Instagram or LinkedIn carousel templates, Email us)

4. Presentation templates

Businesses waste hours on presentation creation.

You can help them with presentation templates.

Selling Digital Products for free on Gumroad:

Gumroad is a free platform which you can use to sell your digital products.

No upfront fee.

(the email marketing feature make Gumroad the best choice for creators)

Marketing the products on social media and Product Hunt:

I sucked at selling my digital products.

Now I can sell them and get 100 sales per day.

Here's how to sell on social media and Product Hunt:

Social media marketing:

1. Content marketing

2. DMing

3. Influencer marketing

1/ Content marketing

You create content by yourself and promote your product in the last tweet or in the CTA.

But for this, you need a audience.

If you don't have an audience it will difficult to sell your products.

Build a brand > Sell your products

2/ DMing

For this, you need to create thoughtful content that resonates with people and solve problems.

Solve problems via content... then pitch those who admire your work.

If they can't buy for some reason tell them to recommend your products to others.

3/ Influencer marketing

I don't suggest this if you don't have any budget.

If you got budget then creators on the social media platform can promote your product.

Product Hunt:

Product Hunt is a useful platform which you can use to promote your templates for free.

Create a product page.


PH is filled with CEOs, SaaS owners, creators, and entrepreneurs.

If your product can solve a problem then they'll definitely buy it.


Start this side hustle in your spare time.

You don't have to leave your job for this yet.

When you build a brand and start selling your templates or other digital products and see revenue coming... then leave it.

Otherwise, keep it.

Twitter thread to learn how to create and sell Canva digital products:

Want to learn how to create and sell products with AI and no-code?

Get this resource:

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