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These 7 Marketing Prompts Shouldn’t Be Legal

I want you to use these prompts to 10x your digital marketing success. Believe me, no one is going to share these prompts with you. Get them for FREE.

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Whether it's about perfecting your marketing, optimizing your content creation, or maximizing your digital product sales, the right prompts can transform your approach.

Here are 7 detailed ChatGPT prompts that are not only actionable but come with in-depth insights to implement each strategy effectively.

#1 Prompt 📝

"Generate a comprehensive list of 20 blog post ideas that combine current trends in [Your Niche] with actionable advice for beginners, intermediates, and experts. Include potential SEO keywords and suggest engaging formats for each post.”

Strategy for Success: Use this prompt to produce content that caters to a wide audience. Analyze trending topics using tools like Google Trends, and integrate SEO best practices by identifying high-ranking keywords. Pick for diverse formats like how-to guides, infographics, and video summaries to keep the content dynamic and engaging.

#2 Prompt 🚀

"Develop a multi-channel digital marketing plan for launching an online course, detailing tactics for pre-launch buzz, launch day, and post-launch activities across email, social media, and paid ads, including a timeline and expected outcomes for each phase.”

Strategy for Success: This comprehensive prompt helps you map out every stage of your course launch. Focus on creating a narrative that builds anticipation, uses targeted advertising to reach potential customers, and leverages follow-up campaigns to maximize retention.

#3 Prompt 📧

"Create a segmented email marketing strategy for re-engaging customers who have not interacted with your brand in the last six months. Propose a series of three tailored emails for each segment, focusing on personalized offers, updates about new products, and an invitation to provide feedback on their needs and preferences.”

Strategy for Success: Analyze customer data to create segments based on past purchase behavior and engagement levels. Tailor the content to address the specific interests and needs of each segment, enhancing the relevance and effectiveness of your communications.

#4 Prompt 🗃️

"Outline a detailed whitepaper on the application of [Your Digital Product] within [Specific Industry], including case studies, statistical evidence of benefits, expert insights, and practical steps for integration into existing systems.”

Strategy for Success: A whitepaper should not only inform but also convince your audience of your product's value. Include real-life case studies and quantifiable data to back up your claims. Engage with industry experts to provide credibility and gather insights that resonate with your target market.

#5 Prompt 🌐

"Plan a series of 15 diverse social media posts to promote [Upcoming Product], including behind-the-scenes content, countdowns, customer testimonials, live Q&A sessions, and flash sales. Specify the best platforms for each type of post and ideal posting times based on audience analytics.”

Strategy for Success: Diversity in content type ensures engagement from different parts of your audience. Tailor content to the strengths of each social platform—use visually rich posts for Instagram, informative posts for LinkedIn, and interactive posts like Q&A for Facebook. Timing your posts based on when your audience is most active can increase engagement rates significantly.

#6 Prompt 🙋

"Design an exhaustive FAQ page for [Product/Service], including questions about product details, usage tips, troubleshooting, pricing policies, and customer support services. Use natural language processing to refine answers and ensure clarity and helpfulness.”

Strategy for Success: A well-crafted FAQ page not only serves customer needs but also reduces repetitive inquiries, allowing your support team to focus on more complex issues. Regularly update the FAQ page as new questions arise and use customer feedback to improve the responses.

#7 Prompt 🌟

"Generate a curated collection of 30 powerful customer testimonials for [Product], based on real feedback. Develop a narrative style for each testimonial that highlights the product's unique selling points and the benefits experienced by users.”

Strategy for Success: Authentic testimonials build trust and credibility. Choose testimonials that reflect diverse user experiences and emphasize the benefits that align with your marketing goals. Present them in a compelling narrative form that tells a story rather than just providing a review.

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