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I sucked at writing, I couldn’t write so, I would hate it.

When I got my first Medium post got 300 claps in a day… I was so happy.

I took 10+ screenshots and send them to my friends. But they didn’t care…those dumbassess.

Hasan and I have 450k+ followers at this time on Twitter (now called 𝕏).

And we’ve written over 1,000 threads in just 2+ years.

We are more than qualified to help you learn the art of writing 𝕏/Twitter threads.

In this post, we are going to teach you what makes a thread that people love to read and share:

1/ Writing the hooks…

This is what I'm really qualified to talk about.

We've been writing hooks by searching and looking at the questions people ask and then write them.

But things have been changed.

You can now easily write a banger and monumentally (99% success rate) hook using AI in no time.

I refrain from using it, but can I really stop myself?

No, I can't stop using AI.

Here's how we write the hooks that people love and click on:

Old but effective method:

Searching about the topic you want to write a thread on.

For example:

If your topic is "Canva hacks," then what you would do is open a Google search tab and type "Canva hacks" and wait.

Google auto-suggest will complete the sentence for you.

From that, you can get ideas for the complete hook.

And don't stop there; search further.

When you search, open the most popular blog post.

Read the description or subtitle of the blog post.

That's where you'll find your hook.

The modern method (Basically, AI hook writing method):

Here's how we use AI to write hooks for us THE EASY WAY:

1/ Teach AI

2/ Share the best copywriting frameworks or just copy-paste the hook that performed well for your competitor

3/ Ask it to help you explain the hook

4/ Ask it to write hooks like that for you (like your competitor)

5/ Add the topics and generate

2/ The format and style

Justin Welsh's writing style is amazing. Hist writing style is short line by line writing that people can consume faster.

Writing line by line can help you get more views and followers on social media.

If you write long paragraphs, it may limit your reach.

I've seen prominent creators lose their audience not because they lacked value but because their content felt outdated.

During Covid, people preferred short and easily digestible content.

The most effective format is writing line by line, and the best style is simple writing.

Fancy writing may be suitable for academics, but it doesn't resonate with most people.

Even professors struggle to connect if their language is too complex.

3/ The media: GIF, photo, or video

Some say that GIF works and some say video.

But here's what we preach:

Post what resonates with your audience.

See the pattern.

See what your competitor is doing.

See how they are posting.

See which type of media they use.

Copy, iterate, and publish.

99% of don't publish.

That's why they fail.

Copy the pattern, not content. And publish.

4/ Time, but does that matter?

I think it does.

And I also think it doesn't matter.

Here's why I think this:

Posting consistently on the same time can give you an edge

People would know when you post and they might expect something from you.

But what if you don't post?

They'll not engage with you anymore because there are millions doing the same thing.

For beginners, we suggest you never focus on time or anything.

Your first priority should be providing value.

People don't really care about time.

Here's what to do:

1. Post whenever your competitor posts

2. Post before them

3. Post better than them

Basically, if you're a beginner don't GET INTO FINDING MY NICHE and perfect audience.

Leave that thought.

Follow, imitate, build, grow, and win!

5/ The bonus:

Want to build a brand on Twitter?

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