Students must use ChatGPT!

Here are 5 ChatGPT Prompts Every Student Needs Now:

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Universities don’t care about you.

But you should care about yourself.

They say don’t use AI as a student.

We say that it's the key to helping students become smart, productive, and intelligent.

Here are 5 ChatGPT prompts we find to be the most useful for every student out there like us:


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1 Find Cost-Effective Learning Resources


"I'm a student on a budget trying to learn [Subject]. Could you recommend free or low-cost resources, like websites, books, or online courses, where I can study [Subject] comprehensively?"

2. Summarize Lecture Notes


"Here are my lecture notes on [Topic]. Can you summarize the key points and create a condensed version that's easy to review for my upcoming exam?"

3. Assist with Essay Writing and Research


"I need to write an essay on [Topic]. Could you help me outline the main points, suggest credible sources, and guide me on how to integrate these sources into my essay effectively?"

4. Generate Study Plans


"I'm preparing for [Exam Name] in [Subject]. Can you create a detailed study plan for the next [Number of Weeks] weeks? Include daily tasks and goals to cover all necessary topics efficiently."

5. Optimize Note-Taking Techniques


"I want to improve my note-taking skills for better academic performance. Can you suggest effective note-taking strategies and tools for college lectures, especially for subjects like [Specific Subject]?"

You need to use the latest technology to learn, achieve more, and grow to succeed.

Don't let people tell you not to use AI.


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PS. Remember, your education is an investment in YOURSELF. Don't be afraid to leverage the power of AI to reach your full potential.