Sell AI generated photos 🎨

You can use Midjourney or other alternatives to generate designs that you can sell on Etsy. Here's how to get started:

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Search on Etsy “AI images“… you’ll see these:

Look at these numbers… the “T-shirt design“ one got 3k reviews.

Imagine how many have bought this product on Etsy.

If you’re someone who loves designing, try this.

In this post, we’re going to share with you how to get started:

These are the steps you need to take:

Step 1: Choose Your AI Companion 🤖

  • Midjourney and DALL-E 3: Your go-to for high-quality, unique designs. Perfect for creating standout T-shirt graphics or captivating prints. Remember, originality wins!

  • Lensgo & ChatGPT: These are your sidekicks in generating catchy descriptions and captivating product titles. They're like the peanut butter to your jelly!

Step 2: Minimal Investment, Maximum Creativity 💡

All you need is a $20 investment to kickstart. This could cover basic subscription costs for advanced features in some AI tools. Think of it as planting a tiny seed that'll grow into a majestic money tree.

Step 3: Etsy Setup & Showcase 🛍️

  • Setting up your Etsy shop is a breeze. Make it uniquely yours – let it scream "creative genius at work!"

  • Showcase your AI-generated T-shirt designs. Ensure they're high-resolution and watermarked – protect your digital treasures!

Search the “AI images“on Etsy and check the created products to take inspiration.

Step 4: Creating Designs That Sell 💡

  • T-shirt Designs: Think of quirky quotes, abstract patterns, or anything that tickles your fancy. AI tools can help you bring these ideas to life.

  • Patterns & More: Not just T-shirts, use these tools to create patterns for hoodies, tote bags, or even digital wallpapers.

Step 5: Market Like a Pro 📣

  • Use social media to showcase your creations. Instagram and Pinterest are your best pals here.

  • Engage with your audience. Remember, people love buying from someone they feel connected to. Be that someone!

And Remember... 😄

If your first design doesn't turn out perfect, it's just the AI playing hard to get. Give it another whirl!

So, are you ready to be the next big name in AI-generated T-shirt designs on Etsy? Let's turn those pixels into profit, and maybe, just maybe, into a little bit of internet fame!

If someone says this is saturated…

Yes, this is saturated… then how to win?

Create unique interesting designs.

Don’t create products without knowing the demand.

Search for the demand. If you find it, create a product and publish it.

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