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  • 🚨 RunwayML Motion brush and the smartphones death

🚨 RunwayML Motion brush and the smartphones death

More: Google dumping millions into CharacterAI...

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It’s time to make your photo generations with AI talk to you.

Well, they cannot talk right now but they will soon.

For now, you can make your AI generations motion-controlled by RunwayML's new Motion Brush feature.

This feature is coming to the Gen 2 model.

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  • RunwayML Motion Brush

  • The smartphones death AKA Humane AI Pin

  • Google investing millions in Character AI

  • PicsArt 20+ AI features

RunwayML motion brush

RunwayML has introduced Motion Brush.

By using this feature, you’ll be able to animate any image you want.

Generate images using RunwayML and then animate using Motion Brush.

To me, it seems like a game-changer for creatives.

If you’re old enough you might know about Motionleap.

A tool that you can use to animate any image with a bit of editing.

If you cannot wait for the Motion Brush feature, use MotionLeap to make your images animated.

The All-in-One, AI-Powered LinkedIn Tool

With 900M+ users, LinkedIn is definitely home to your target audience. But leveraging it to generate business results isn't easy.

Taplio helps you grow and leverage your personal brand on LinkedIn to build an audience and attract more clients and opportunities.

Create high-performing LinkedIn posts, engage with your target audience, find leads and measure all your results. Taplio has you covered.

Humane AI Pin (A smartphone killer?)

Humane AI Pin

The Next Big Thing in Tech!

Meet the Humane AI Pin, priced at $699. This isn't just another gadget – it's a revolution!

Unlike your iPhone, Samsung, or Pixel, this tiny powerhouse can directly communicate with advanced language models like ChatGPT and Llama. It's not just a device; it's your gateway to the future of AI interactions.

We're not saying it'll replace your smartphone – think of it as the perfect complement. Enhancing your tech experience, the Humane AI Pin bridges the gap between what's possible and what's next.

🤔 What's Your Take? Will the Humane AI Pin redefine our interaction with technology?

Learn more about Humane AI here.

Google millions $$$ into Character AI

Google has announced a massive investment in Character AI, a groundbreaking tool that might be new to many of our readers.

Imagine crafting any character you can think of, from a fictional hero to a celebrity like Jennifer Lawrence.

Jennifer Lawrence's Character AI bot

Character AI is an innovative platform that allows you to create and interact with AI-driven characters. Think of it as your personal digital puppeteer.

This isn't just about creating a digital version of Jennifer Lawrence. Google's significant investment indicates a strong belief in Character AI's potential to redefine our interactions with digital beings.

For Character AI, this is a golden opportunity to scale up and expand its capabilities. As for Google, it's another day at the office, albeit a particularly exciting one! 😂

Want to know more about how Character AI works and what Google's investment could mean for the future of AI? Here.

PicsArt's new 20+ AI features

Fellow creators, big news! PicsArt is rolling out over 20 AI tools, transforming how we create content.

Think quick, easy, and unique – that's the promise of PicsArt Ignite.

Starting with AI Writer, AI Image Generator, and AI Replace, PicsArt has now expanded its toolkit.

The new features? Sharpening images, removing objects from videos, changing backgrounds effortlessly, and more!

Beyond enhancing photos and videos, we're talking about generating GIFs and stickers from text, extending images, and even creating personalized avatars from selfies!

These tools are set to revolutionize our creative process. I'm eager to share my upcoming creations made with PicsArt Ignite, showcasing the blend of art and technology.

Check this out here.

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