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Revolutionize Academic Writing: Move Beyond ChatGPT Today

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I hope you’re doing great. We are back with another helpful newsletter that can solve your academic writing problems once and for all.

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In this newsletter, you’ll learn about:

  • AI tool for Academic writing, paraphrasing, editing, and translation

  • Bonus: Advanced Midjourney course

Note: We aren’t sponsored by PaperPal

Here’s how to use PaperPal an academic writing tool:


It’s an AI-powered academic writing tool for those who want to save time editing and writing educational base content.

PaperPal can help you with manuscripts, thesis, or academic writing to the next level.

PaperPal is like Grammarly for academic writing.

Here’s how it works:

Signing up

→ Go to PaperPal and sign up for free

→ After signing up, create a new document or upload an existing file to get started.

Feature: Academic paraphrasing

You get a “Rewrite" feature inbuilt PaperPal for paraphrasing the text.

You can easily use the feature and paraphrase any text you want in seconds.

Just highlight the text and PaperPal will automatically paraphrase it for you.

Feature: Synonyms

With PaperPal you can easily find the best suitable words for your essay or other academic writing.

These synonyms are ranked based on their prevalence in published scientific literature.

Feature: Academic translation

With PaperPal non-native speakers can confidently translate and write academic essays in minutes.

Paperpal's academic translation feature detects content written in 25+ foreign languages and translates it to English.

Feature: Trim

With PaperPal “Trim“ feature now you can easily remove unnecessary words from your manuscript and make it more alive.

Paperpal's automated feature helps create clear, concise writing without breaking a sweat.

Try this Academic writing for free here:

Free exclusive course:

Here’s your Advanced Midjourney course:

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