Now use Canva in ChatGPT 😱: Finally!

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Canva in ChatGPT:

I was absolutely amazed when I discovered that Canva was available in the plugin store for ChatGPT.

Without hesitation, I downloaded and started using it.

The results were beyond my expectations - they were absolutely mind-blowing!

It's like magic - simply input a command and the Canva plugin will generate stunning presentations, logos, social media posts, or even reels.

Let's install it and experience its incredible capabilities.

  1. Go to your ChatGPT account

  2. Enable “Plugins“ in the beta settings

  3. Go to the plugin store and search “Canva“

Plugin store! (Please ignore the other plugins ✌️)

Search “Canva“

  1. Install it

  2. Enable it

Enable Canva

Here are some interesting results that I got from using Canva in ChatGPT:


Result from Canva..Same as the topic

Social media posts:

Generate memes, single posts, and any type of image you want.

Prompt: Cat meme

Instagram carousels:

Command tip: Write to-the-point short commands so you can get the best results.

A free resume builder:

I discovered this from my favorite website Beebom .

After using it, I thought, "Why not share it with our ProHuman friends?"

So, here we are, sharing this amazing free tool with you all.

The tool is called: Resume Trick

Here’s how to use it:

And then click on “Build my Resume“ and start creating your resume for free.

The website home page.

Fill info:

Inside the ResumeTrick

Now add your “Job title” and every required info…it will generate a resume for you.

Add the description using AI in seconds:

When you create your Resume click on “Download“ (sign up if you have not and then get your Resume)

That’s it!

Free Canva course 🎁

Here’s your Canva carousels creation and selling course:

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