Now turn eBooks into Audiobooks with AI

Here's how you can convert eBooks into Audiobooks in 3 simple steps:

I'm a fan of Stephen King writing and Robert Greene.

But their books are above 400 pages.

I love reading but audio is more convenient.

I was searching for a tool which can help me turn Robert Green and other authors eBooks into audiobooks then I found this tool.

It is called JustListen.

JustListen lets you turn any eBook into an audiobook in just 30 seconds, without spending extra on audiobooks. With over 12,000 users, including fans of Robert Greene, it's a new way to enjoy your favorite books on the go.

How to Convert eBooks into Audiobooks in Three Simple Steps:

  1. Sign Up for Free: Create your account at no cost (3 days trial )

  2. Add Your Book: Simply click on "Add book" on the JustListen platform.

  3. Upload and Convert: Choose the eBook file you want to convert and upload it.

Thats it! In mere seconds, your eBook will be transformed into an audiobook.

The features I loved:

  • Accessibility: Enjoy your audiobooks anytime and anywhere.

  • Custom Voices: Choose from voices ranging from Harry Potter to Joe Rogan.

  • Offline Listening: No internet? No problem! Listen to your books offline.

  • Affordable Pricing: Get access to 8 new audiobooks every month for just $17.

Transform your eBooks into audiobooks easily with JustListen. Get started for free at JustListen and enjoy your reading collection in audio form.

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PS. Try this tool today to enjoy your favorite books in audio. And please let me know if you like these types of posts where share new tools with you. Thanks!