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Here are 7 tested ways to monetize AI in 2024:

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99% of you are wasting your time and money using ChatGPT-like tools.

I say this because what have you done with it?

Nothing. Just wrote some tweets, blogs, or generated some art.

But what if I tell you that you can use the same ChatGPT or other tools that you have a subscription for to make $100k+ a year?

It would be amazing, right? This post will help you discover some of the most profitable AI businesses you can start in 2024 to make $100k+ like us.

1. AI Written Content

AI's skills in generating written content are revolutionizing how we create blogs, articles, and marketing materials.

What is this method of monetization?

  • AI platforms can produce diverse content types, significantly reducing the time and effort traditionally required.

  • These tools are not just for drafting but also for refining content, ensuring it aligns with desired tones and styles.

  • Freelancers and agencies can leverage AI to scale their content production, catering to more clients or diversifying their content offerings.

Getting Started:

Beginners can start with basic AI writing tools, progressively moving to more advanced platforms as they gain familiarity with AI's capabilities and limitations.


  • ChatGPT: Beyond drafting, it's excellent for brainstorming and expanding on content ideas.

  • Jasper AI: Particularly useful for crafting compelling marketing and sales copy.

  • Grammarly: An essential tool for ensuring content clarity, engagement, and error-free writing.

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2. AI Generated Art

AI and art are creating a new genre of digital creativity, accessible to both artists and non-artists.

What is this method of monetization?

  • AI-generated art can be a source of income through direct sales, licensing, or as part of larger creative projects.

  • The uniqueness and scalability of AI art make it suitable for various applications, from digital platforms to physical merchandise.

Getting Started:

Experimentation is key. Engaging with AI art tools allows for a better understanding of how different inputs influence the outcomes.


  • DALL-E: Known for its ability to turn imaginative prompts into vivid artworks. (You can use this in ChatGPT)

  • Midjourney: Offers a distinct artistic style, popular among digital artists and creators.

  • PromptBase: A marketplace that not only enables the sale of prompts but also serves as an inspiration hub for AI art creators.

3. YouTube Videos with AI

AI is a game-changer for content creators, streamlining the video production process from concept to final edit.

What is this method of monetization?

  • YouTube creators can harness AI for various aspects of video production, enhancing content quality and viewer engagement.

  • AI-generated scripts, voiceovers, and editing can significantly reduce production times, allowing for more frequent uploads.

Getting Started:

Incorporate AI gradually, starting with scriptwriting or basic editing, before exploring more advanced video generation tools.


  • ChatGPT: Ideal for generating creative and engaging video scripts.

  • Synthesia: Allows for the creation of AI-generated videos, useful for explainer videos or content requiring visual demonstrations.

  • Adobe Premiere Pro: Its AI-powered features can automate editing tasks, improve color correction, and more.

4. AI Generated Digital Products

From marketing materials to digital advertisements, AI is enabling creators to design visually striking content with ease.

What is this method of monetization?

  • AI-driven design tools can cater to a wide range of needs, from small businesses to large corporations, offering scalable solutions.

  • The ability to produce high-quality visual content rapidly opens up numerous opportunities for monetization, including freelance services or content creation for personal brands.

Getting Started:

Explore various AI design tools to understand their capabilities and identify which aligns best with your creative vision or market demand.


  • Adcreative AI: Automates and optimizes the creation of digital ads, making them more effective and engaging.

  • Canva: Its AI-enhanced features simplify the design process, allowing for the quick creation of professional-grade materials.

  • Tome: Supports users in crafting impactful pitch decks, integrating data and design through AI.

5. Website Creation with AI

AI is democratizing website development, enabling both non-coders and professionals to create stunning websites.

What is this method of monetization?

  • With AI's assistance, creating websites becomes faster and more intuitive, allowing developers to take on more projects or offer more sophisticated services.

  • AI can also play a crucial role in optimizing websites for user experience and search engines, enhancing their effectiveness as marketing tools.

Getting Started:

Use AI-powered website builders to understand the basics of design and development, gradually exploring more advanced features or customization options.


  • Wix ADI: Guides users through the website creation process, offering customized suggestions and layouts.

  • Squarespace: Known for its design-centric approach, it provides AI tools that help in crafting aesthetically pleasing and functional websites.

  • WordPress: With AI plugins, it offers advanced functionalities like content generation, SEO optimization, and user experience enhancements.

6. AI Generated Audio Content

AI is transforming the audio content landscape, offering new ways to create and disseminate audio books, podcasts, and more.

What is this method of monetization?

  • AI-generated audio content can cater to a wide audience, from audiobook enthusiasts to learners preferring audio formats.

  • The versatility of AI in audio content creation allows for innovative applications, such as multilingual content or specialized services.

Getting Started:

Experiment with text-to-speech tools to create diverse audio content, exploring different voices and languages to meet varied audience needs.


  • Play ht: Provides a range of voices and languages, suitable for creating audiobooks or podcasts.

  • Murf AI: Known for its high-quality voice generation, it's ideal for professional-grade audio content.

  • Nova A.I.: Offers translation and subtitling, expanding the reach of video content to non-English speaking audiences.

7. Designing Online Courses with AI

AI not only aids in creating educational content but also in structuring and delivering online courses effectively.

What is this method of monetization?

  • Leveraging AI in course creation can enhance the learning experience, offering personalized paths or interactive content.

  • The efficiency of AI in content generation and organization allows educators to focus on delivering value and engaging with learners.

Getting Started:

Use AI tools to outline your course, generate content, and create engaging and interactive learning experiences.


  • ChatGPT: Assists in developing course outlines, content, and even interactive quizzes or assignments.

  • Teachable: Integrates AI to streamline course creation and management, enhancing learner engagement.

  • Kajabi: Offers marketing and sales tools powered by AI, helping course creators reach their target audience and maximize revenue.

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