LinkedIn is a goldmine for job seekers!

You can easily get multiple clients using LinkedIn. Here are 7 hacks to get more clients. Check out

I've been selling services on Fiverr for three years.

But the platform has lost its value.

These days companies and individuals prefer hiring through social media.

Why the shift from Fiverr to social media for hiring?

Social media offers a transparent view of potential hires, showcasing their activities and accomplishments.

It's like an open book to those who wants to hire people.

Today, we're going to share 7 LinkedIn strategies to help you get clients:

1. Craft a Professional Profile

What do recruiters see when they visit your LinkedIn profile?

Your profile photo, headline, and summary are their first impressions.

According to LinkedIn, profiles with professional photos get 14 times more views.

Use tools like Canva to design an eye-catching profile picture. For your headline and summary, use AI tools like ChatGPT to write compelling content that highlights your strengths and professional experiences.

This isn’t just fluff; it's your personal brand.

2. Add Relevant Skills

Don't just list the skills you think are important; tailor your skills section to meet the needs of your target clients.

A LinkedIn study shows that profiles with five or more skills receive up to 17 times more views. Investigate job postings in your field on LinkedIn to discover the most sought-after skills, then update your profile accordingly to stay competitive.

3. Follow Target Companies

To get noticed, you need to follow and interact with companies you aspire to work with.

By engaging with their posts and sharing their content, you demonstrate your interest and industry knowledge.

This proactive approach can make you 70% more likely to get hired, as per LinkedIn data.


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4. Make New Connections

Connect strategically.

Avoid random networking. Seek out professionals in your field, including creatives, HR professionals, and industry leaders.

A robust network can significantly increase your visibility on LinkedIn. For example, engaging with posts and sending thoughtful messages can lead to more meaningful interactions and potential job offers.

5. Join Relevant LinkedIn Groups

Specificity is key. If you are a copywriter, join groups dedicated to copywriting and content strategies.

Active participation in these groups can expose you to job opportunities and professional advice, turning group membership into a critical component of career growth.

6. Seek Endorsements

Endorsements boost your credibility.

If you don’t have any, ask colleagues, clients, or even past employers to endorse your skills.

Data reveals that profiles with endorsements are three times more likely to receive relevant offers and inquiries.

7. Stay Updated on Your Job Market

Staying informed is crucial. Spend a minimum of ten minutes daily on LinkedIn browsing industry-related posts.

This will not only keep you up-to-date on trends but also show your connections that you’re active and engaged.

Engagement plays a crucial role, as over 80% of successful job seekers are active LinkedIn users.

These tips will help you attract more clients easily. If you end up with more clients than you can manage, message us to help out. Good luck!


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PS. LinkedIn can help you get clients. Use these hacks to get started.