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  • I found 6 powerful iPhone Apps you didn't know existed until now

I found 6 powerful iPhone Apps you didn't know existed until now

We researched and found best iPhone apps that can save you hours and help you become more productive.

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There are millions of IOS apps.

But only FEW are useful.

Here’s the list of IOS apps that you can install today to save time and money:

#1 App


Meet Chapple, your ChatGPT on steroids!

The Details:

  • Imagine being able to amplify your content creation like never before.

  • It’s not just for writing; tailor your social media posts and blogs effortlessly.

  • Need a rewrite or a fresh paraphrase? Chapple has you covered.

#2 App

Smart Sloth

Your new task manager and to-do list buddy, Smart Sloth!

The Details:

  • Streamline your daily tasks and keep everything neatly organized.

  • Boost your productivity with a simple and intuitive interface that makes planning fun.

  • Say goodbye to forgotten tasks and cluttered notes.


Hire a world class AI team

Engineers who understand AI are expensive and difficult to find, and it can be hard to figure out who to trust. On top of that, 85% of all AI projects fail.

But AE Studio succeeds.

We listen to your business challenge and help you craft and implement the optimal AI solution with our team of world class AI experts from Harvard, Stanford and Princeton.

Our development, design, and data science teams work closely with founders and executives to create custom software and AI solutions that get the job done. The secret to our success is treating your project as if it were our own startup.

#3 App


Keep all your digital treasures in one place with Anybox.

The Details:

  • Save videos, links, and files with a simple click.

  • Access your stored content from anywhere, making life so much easier.

  • Say hello to organized and instantly retrievable digital assets.

#4 App

Hokusai Audio Editor

Edit audio like a pro on the move with Hokusai Audio Editor.

The Details:

  • Access a suite of professional audio editing tools right from your pocket.

  • Apply studio-quality effects such as reverb and EQ to enhance your projects.

  • Split and manipulate stereo tracks with unprecedented ease.

#5 App

Toolbox Pro for Shortcuts

Enhance your shortcuts like never before with Toolbox Pro.

The Details:

  • Introduce a wide range of new actions to your Shortcuts app.

  • Automate complex tasks with a tap, making your device do more for you.

  • Enhance your iOS experience with powerful new capabilities.

#6 App

Widget Smith

Craft a home screen that’s truly yours with Widget Smith.

The Details:

  • Get into customization with uniquely crafted widgets.

  • Transform your iPhone and iPad into a reflection of your personal style.

  • Enjoy a home screen that not only looks good but feels right.


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