GPT-4o the new model won!

I did a comparison between GPT-4 and the latest model GPT-4o. And by using the same prompt for both models I found out that GPT-4o is superior than GPT-4 in all metrics.

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I didn’t believe the OpenAI crew saying that GPT-4o is better than GPT-4.

I had to check it out to confirm.

You won’t believe unless you see the comparison. The GPT-4o model leave GPT-4 in the dust.

Hasan helped me with writing the prompts. We used the same prompts in GPT-4 and GPT-4o. And we found out that GPT-4o excel at complex tasks.

Here’s the comparison video on 𝕏/Twitter:


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Here’s what we found out:



Slow, generic writing, prone to hallucinations, and struggles to understand the assignment.


Fast, accurate, writes in your style, doesn't hallucinate, stays on track with the assignment, and delivers flawless work.

2/ Coding:


- Slow and seems stuck

- Takes a lot of time thinking

- Doesn't understand the assignment


- Fast and accurate

- Doesn't waste your time on lagging

- Writes code that you will understand and that will work

3/ Business Advice:


Even though it had the latest information about my business, it failed to provide any relevant insights or personalization.


It grasped the recent projects I was involved in, incorporated that knowledge, and offered tailored business advice.

4/ 𝕏/Twitter writing:

The challenging aspect.

Both performed admirably in my view...

However, in the video, it's evident that GPT-4 fails to conduct research or adhere to the task at hand.

In contrast, GPT-4o excels by adopting a Twitter thread format.

The disparity is clear when you watch the video.

My thoughts:

1. Use both, but choose GPT-4o for research and precision.

2. Both are similar in performance.

3. For research and creativity, GPT-4o is better.

4. GPT-4 is slower but still effective.

I suggest using GPT-4o for complex tasks!


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