GPT 4o can be a business assistant

By trying 500+ prompts and techniques, we found the best prompts that'll help you build and run a successful business with GPT 4o.

GPT-4o is mind blowing 🤯

If you’re just using it for “ChatGPT, give me 10 quotes“ or “How to do this [task]“ then you’re missing out on its potential for business growth.

We tried 500+ prompts and numerous business growth techniques with GPT-4o in 3 days.

And found the best prompts that’ll help you build, run, and make your business profitable.

Copy and paste these prompts:

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The prompts:

1. Lean Startup Methodology


"ChatGPT, how can I apply the Lean Startup Methodology to quickly test and validate my [Business Idea/Product]?"

2. Value Proposition Canvas


"ChatGPT, help me create a Value Proposition Canvas for [Your Product/Service] to better understand and meet customer needs."

3. OKRs (Objectives and Key Results)


"ChatGPT, guide me in setting up OKRs for [Your Business/Project] to align team goals and drive performance."

4. PEST Analysis


"ChatGPT, conduct a PEST analysis for [Your Industry] to identify external factors affecting my business."

5. The Five Whys


"ChatGPT, use the Five Whys technique to identify the root cause of [Specific Problem] in my business."

6. Customer Journey Mapping


"ChatGPT, help me create a customer journey map for [Your Product/Service] to improve user experience and satisfaction."

7. Business Model Canvas


"ChatGPT, guide me through filling out a Business Model Canvas for [Your Business] to clarify and refine my business model."

8. Growth Hacking Strategies


"ChatGPT, suggest some growth hacking strategies to rapidly expand my customer base for [Your Product/Service]."

9. The Theory of Constraints


"ChatGPT, apply the Theory of Constraints to identify and address the biggest bottleneck in my [Business/Project]."

10. Risk Management Plan


"ChatGPT, help me develop a comprehensive risk management plan for [Your Business] to mitigate potential threats."


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PS. Use ChatGPT-4o model because its quick and accurate MOST OF THE TIME. Try these prompt today. Have a great day!