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Get GPT-4 Without the Price Tag: Your Definitive Free Access Guide

Discover Sites Where GPT-4 Comes Without a Fee

Welcome back!

In this newsletter we are going to share with you sites that’ll give you free access to GPT-4.

We are thrilled to assist you in exploring the countless possibilities that OpenAI's latest marvel, GPT-4, has opened up.

Why the Frenzy Around GPT-4?

GPT-4 is not just another language model; it's triggering a surge of excitement among content producers and AI aficionados alike.

It brings game-changing capabilities to content creation and interaction, offering a wide array of utilities from writing assistance to translation, code help to text summarization, and beyond.

However, as of now, GPT-4 access is primarily for ChatGPT Plus subscribers or those who get an API developer key.

Your Free Ticket to GPT-4

But wait, we’ve got you covered. We've rounded up six websites plus a bonus one where you can interact with GPT-4 without parting with any cash.

1. Forefront AI

First off the mark to provide gratis access to GPT-4.

Besides, it offers image crafting, customizable personas, and shareable conversation threads.

2. Microsoft Bing

Their internal AI, code-named "Prometheus," employs GPT-4 tech. It boasts additional functionalities not seen in ChatGPT.

This groundbreaking platform lets you interact with AI bots driven by GPT-4 and other LLMs. However, you get a single GPT-4 query each day.

4. AI Dungeon

This immersive game offers a way to test GPT-4's narrative capabilities. You can play, explore, and interact in an ever-expanding virtual realm.

5. Hugging Face’s Transformers

This platform is a haven for those who want to dive deeper into natural language processing. It’s open-source and tailored for inquisitive minds.

This platform provides no-cost access to GPT-4. Enjoy unlimited messages without any fees.


It's essentially free GPT-4 access without the monthly membership cost.

Here, you can compare multiple machine learning models side-by-side, though there's a small fee involved.

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