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Get Certified in Digital Marketing: No Cost, No Catch!

Want to learn and 10x your business growth by learning digital marketing? Here's everything you will need to master digital marketing for free better than paid courses:

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Meet Lemmy, the AI Chatbot Assistant that is well-acquainted with your work.

Why use Lemmy?

- Seamlessly integrates with many daily productivity tools, including:

- Slack

- Notion

- Google Docs

- GitHub

- Meta Ads

  - and more...

Lemmy excels in:

1. Summarization: Quickly understand entire Google Docs, Slack discussions, GitHub commits, and Notion pages.

2. Content & idea generation: Craft ad copy or finish documents using your workspace as fuel.

3. Analysis: Employ your company data, including Facebook ad spend, SWOT analysis, and more.

4. Super search: Conduct simultaneous searches across your entire workspace.

Lemmy dynamically uses Claude V2 and GPT-4 to provide the best possible output.

Want to 10x your workflow for free? Use Lemmy AI

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We're here with another insightful piece that will help elevate your ProHuman game.

In this newsletter, we will share with you:

• 4 free digital marketing courses (with certification)

• 10 new AI tools for the taking

• Free ChatGPT course

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Digital Marketing course from Hubspot:

I’ve shared this with my audience 10+ times now and I keep enthusiastically recommending it. Not because Hubspot has paid me, but because of the value-packed in this course.

You will be amazed at how perfectly this course is crafted. It serves both beginners and professionals and is designed to 10x their career. Boost your income by learning digital marketing.

Here’s the course: Link

Digital marketing course by Hubspot

Facebook Blueprint – Free Online Courses

* Prepare to build your business online.

* Discover selling and monetization strategies.

Why You'll Love This Course?

* Learn directly from qualified geeks.

* Get insights on all the essential topics for your business journey.

Here are the courses: Link

Facebook’s free courses

Internet Marketing for Smart People by Copyblogger:

This course teaches about online marketing success with the following concepts:

- Relationships with the Audience

- Direct Response Copywriting

- Content Marketing - Delivering Great Content

- Having Something Worth Selling

Visit: Link

Learn Digital with Google:

There are sets of courses for learners like you and me.

- Fundamentals of digital marketing

- Selling your products online

- And more.

Visit these amazing courses here: Link

Google’s garage

AI tools:

For designing use - StockIMG

For free presentation creation use - Gamma

Free business tool for generating Chatbots - Chatsimple

AI video editor - http://Invideo.io/ai

Free Midjourney - http://Dreamstudio.ai

Free GPT-4 - http://Forefront.ai

Free business tool - http://Namy.ai

Free website generator - http://landingsite.ai

Voice changer - http://Voicemod.net

Amazon listing - http://copymonkey.ai

ChatGPT mastery course:

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