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  • Elon say Grok 2.0 will surpass Claude 3, Gemini Pro, and GPT-4

Elon say Grok 2.0 will surpass Claude 3, Gemini Pro, and GPT-4

And: Samsung is adding generative AI in Bixby

Elon Musk's big promise in his 𝕏 post is that Grok 2.0 will redefine our expectations of AI, outshining the current models.

Let's critically assess this claim and explore whether Grok 2.0 will be a significant asset or just another complication, along with other AI stories you care about.

In today’s Prohuman post:

  • Grok 1.5 release and Elon’s claim for proposing a better model

  • OpenAI reveals voice engine but can’t released publicly

  • Samsung redefining their assistant Bixby with generative AI

  • OpenAI and Microsoft starting a project called “Stargate"

  • Trending AI tools and other news


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Elon’s Grok 1.5 launch and Grok 2.0 arrival

Elon Musk Teases Grok 2's Future:

Elon Musk stirred the tech world again. This time, it's about Grok 2, following the launch of Grok 1.5. His tweet has everyone talking about what's next for AI.

Detail of the story:

  • Grok 1.5 Launch: Just as the tech community gets its hands on Grok 1.5, Musk hints at more. Grok 1.5 itself is a marvel in AI, especially in coding and math.

  • Teaser for Grok 2: Musk's tweet suggests Grok 2 will outshine all current AI. The anticipation builds as everyone wonders what this means for the future of technology.

  • Building on Success: Grok 1.5's advanced context understanding and reasoning set the stage for its successor. Everyone's watching to see where this leads.

A New Horizon in AI:

Musk's vision for Grok signals a bold future for AI. With Grok 2 on the horizon, the tech world waits eagerly for what's next.

OpenAI’s Voice Engine

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OpenAI unveils its Voice Engine, capable of cloning voices. Yet, amid excitement, there's caution. They're not releasing it widely yet, citing safety concerns.

Detail of the story:

  • Voice Cloning Tech: OpenAI's new tech can mimic a voice from a short sample. But there's a catch. They're holding back on a broad release.

  • Safety First: With the power to replicate voices comes great responsibility. OpenAI opts for a measured approach, especially with the risks of misuse.

  • Early Testing: A select group gets to preview this tech. OpenAI's careful strategy underlines their commitment to ethical AI development.

Responsible Innovation:

In a world eager for the next big thing, OpenAI's cautious approach to voice cloning is a lesson in responsibility.

Samsung’s Bixby is getting AI upgrade

Samsung is eyeing a future where Bixby isn't just a voice assistant. It's a gateway to more intuitive AI interactions, thanks to generative AI.

Detail of the story:

  • Bixby's Evolution: Samsung's voice assistant could soon offer more than translations or recommendations. It's about deeper, more meaningful interactions.

  • Generative AI Boost: Samsung wants Bixby to be more conversational, using advanced AI to elevate user experience.

  • AI Integration: From phones to home appliances, Samsung envisions a world where Bixby is the central hub for smart interactions.

Samsung's AI Vision:

Samsung is setting a course for a future where AI is seamlessly integrated into our daily lives, making technology more intuitive and helpful.

Stargate: OpenAI’s and NIVDIA project

Microsoft and OpenAI are joining forces on a colossal project. They're planning a $100 billion data center, home to the Stargate AI supercomputer.

Detail of the story:

  • Massive Investment: The project's scale is unprecedented, signaling a major leap in AI infrastructure.

  • Phased Approach: This venture is part of a larger plan, unfolding in stages, with Stargate as a key milestone.

  • Chip Technology: At the heart of this endeavor are advanced AI chips, crucial for powering the future of AI.

Envisioning AI's Future:

This partnership between Microsoft and OpenAI isn't just about building a supercomputer. It's about setting the stage for the next generation of AI, shaping a future where technology's potential knows no bounds. Which is kinda scary.


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