Let's create Mind Maps using ChatGPT

Here's how you can use ChatGPT and this tool to create mind maps for free in seconds without wasting hours in Photoshop or any other tool. Let's get started:

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Students and especially learners who wants to save time can really benefit from Mind Maps.

I didn’t know that we can create Mind Maps with ChatGPT.

The day, I learned how we can create Mind Maps with ChatGPT for free from that day I’ve saved countless hours of work.

Here’s how you can save your precious time by creating Mind Maps for complex topics:


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Here’s how to create Mind Maps:

1. Go to ChatGPT:

  • Begin by identifying the concept or process you want to map.

  • Then write your prompt, you can use this as a prompt template just fill it in with your topic.

Create a mind map of [Your Topic]. List topics as central ideas, main branches, and sub-branches.

2. Ask ChatGPT to create mind map in markdown format

  • Once ChatGPT responds from the above prompt, just ask it to create mind map in a markdown format.

3. Visualise with MarkMap:

  • Go to MarkMap 

  • Copy and paste your markdown output from chatGPT into the MarkMap editor.

  • I used the following topic: [AI for Small Businesses]

Here’s what it will make for you:

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PS. Make Mind Maps a breeze with ChatGPT and MarkMap! Skip the manual hassle. Want more cool tips? Just hit us with a "MORE" and we'll keep the how-to guides coming. Cheers!