Create anything with AI in 5 minutes:

Create website, design a logo, build custom bots, and short videos

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We're thrilled to bring you another exciting newsletter! Today, we'll show you how AI can help you create anything in just 5 minutes.

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Back to our newsletter, here are 4 things that you can create in minutes using AI (that wasn't possible before but now you can!):

Create a website:

Without a business website, you can’t make progress.

There are website developers who charge $100+ for building a simple website.

But with AI, you can easily develop a complete website blazingly fast.

Here’s how to build a website using AI:

(The tool we are using is:

Step: 1 Go to the website

  • Click on “Generate your website

Step: 2 Industry

  • Choose an industry or add yours.

I added mine which is a “Startup“

Step: 3 Location

  • Choose a location or write one

Step: 4 Business name

  • Write your company name

Click on “Generate website“

Here you go!

This is how you can generate a complete website in minutes using AI.

Design custom logo:

I haven’t seen a successful business online that doesn’t have a logo.

Designers charge $200+ for designing brand logos.

But AI can do the same work for pennies and better than the so-called PROS.

AI is not going to replace logo designers but those who don’t use it,

Here’s how to design a beautiful brandable logo using AI in minutes:

(The tool we are using is

Step: 1 Go to the website

Step: 2 Click on Logo and write a prompt

  • Write a prompt (In plain English explain your logo or use ChatGPT to generate prompts)

  • Click Generate


This is how you can generate logos using AI.

Build custom Chatbots:

Chatbots are becoming an essential part of customer service and engagement.

They provide instant support and can handle multiple inquiries simultaneously.

This quick guide will show you how to use ready-made platforms to set up a functional chatbot in just 5 minutes for anything.

Introducing Droxy AI: the Ultimate AI tool that transforms anything into personalized chatbots.

Step 1. Head to and upload your content in various formats all at once in just a few seconds

  • PDFs

  • MP4s

  • YouTube videos

  • Websites

  • Raw text

Step 2. Create a personalized chatbot with your uploaded content in three easy steps

  • Select resources

  • Configure its persona and behavior

  • Customize its look and feel

Voila!! That’s it.

Try it Yourself now: Droxy AI

Create short videos:

TikTok, YouTube Shorts, and Instagram reels have changed the course of video content.

Now people love to watch short videos rather than long videos.

Here’s how to generate short videos from long-form video content:

(We will be using the tool called

Step: 1 Go to the website and sign up

  • Sign up and you will see a page like this

  • After that Copy a link to any video and paste it here and click “Generate TikToks“

Step: 2 Click on the export and generate videos

This is how you can generate a complete website, design a logo, create custom Chatbots, and generate TikToks from long-form content in minutes.

AI is not going to replace you. If you know how to use it.

Learn it and get ahead of 90% of the people.

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