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Canva+Gumroad+Twitter: Make $10-100 per day selling templates

Learn the secrets to creating, selling, promoting, and marketing your product for a guaranteed $100 a day. Let me show you how.

Canva+Gumroad+Twitter: Make $10-100 per day selling templates

The reason why I chose Canva not Photoshop because Canva is free and accessible to everyone.

Photoshop is a complex software that requires designing skills and that takes a lot of time to learn. So, by using Canva we are bypassing the hassle of learning Photoshop and complex designing skills.

You sure need to know some basic designing but they can be learned easily without struggle.

You're going to learn:

  • What are some profitable templates that you can sell

  • Canva templates creation

  • Gumroad selling

  • Twitter follower growth techniques and marketing

There are thousands of ready-made templates in Canva that you can edit and sell it online.

I will share with you some of the most profitable templates that you can create and sell it online and make a lot of real cash.

Profitable Templates You Can Create and Sell

Investing 30 minutes to 1 hour in creating these templates can yield significant profits, as they are in high demand:

  1. Social Media Post Templates

    • Facebook posts/ads

    • Instagram posts, carousels, and ads

    • Twitter posts/ads

    • Pinterest templates

Well, social media templates are popular among millions of creators and businesses. Why do they need some? Because they can save time and effort. With templates, they can publish their content on multiple platforms in one go. That's why need templates to make their work effortless.

For example, a Twitter content creator may want to present their written work as images on Instagram, requiring Instagram posts and carousels for their Twitter threads. Millions of creators follow this approach.

  1. Ebooks

    • Ebook covers

    • Ebook templates

Personally, friends I was wondering around for eBook templates when I was writing my first eBook. I found some on Gumroad and I use them for myself and for my clients.

Ebook templates are sought after by many authors. When writing their first ebook, many creators search the internet for the perfect template (like me). Platforms like Gumroad offer a variety of ebook templates that authors can purchase and use repeatedly. They can edit the templates to suit their needs but keep the overall layout.

At some point in their careers, most creators will need to write an ebook, making ebook templates a valuable resource.

  1. Others

    • YouTube thumbnails for creators

    • Website landing pages

    • Presentations

These additional templates are also in high demand. YouTube thumbnails help creators attract viewers to their videos, while website landing pages are essential for businesses and individuals to convert visitors into customers.

Presentations are used across various industries, making them a versatile offering.

These are the templates you need to create. But how?

Here're the resources you need to learn how to create these templates:

If you want to learn Canva from the start, click here.

I will share with you some of my favorite free courses to teach you how to create each of these perfectly in less time.

  1. Social media posts templates

Facebook posts creation with Canva:

Instagram posts, ads, and carousels:

  1. My course here.

  2. Carousels - https://youtu.be/D126KH5e2k0

  3. ChatGPT + Canva - https://youtu.be/YotUjXYa7CY

  4. Instagram feed - https://youtu.be/qCmNgfvq264

Pinterest templates:


  1. Twitter quote tweet - https://youtu.be/DaQkmoqwLHc

  2. Tweets for Instagram - https://youtu.be/6nSferELx9c

  3. Tweet graphics - https://youtu.be/NBd3m6SwcN4


  1. Cover creation - https://youtu.be/aKktpZIUkZw

  2. Complete ebook creation - https://youtu.be/7grq8ecq3ws

Youtube thumbnail:

  1. Creating thumbnail - https://youtu.be/p9aMgpeQtuw

  2. Complete course - https://youtu.be/3AysC4KEvfc

Website landing pages:

  1. Complete course - https://youtu.be/Tgsb9290Abk

  2. Clickable landing pages with Canva - https://youtu.be/bvGf_evJZo0

  3. Course - with bonus template - https://youtu.be/024SPLh9EoE


Learn how to create and export the link of Template link of your Canva-designed templates:

Next, Gumroad selling...

Gumroad Selling:

I started on Gumroad in 2023 January and I've made... wait, let me show you.

Now get back to where we are...So I've made $13ish on Gumroad. I have 5 free products (that has made me $10k)

And one paid product...

Without Twitter - I made $300+ dollars and with Twitter more than $13k.

First I will teach you how to set up your Gumroad profile and sales page.

After that, I will share with you strategies - content strategies that you can use to sell your products using Twitter.

My guide: Gumroad selling

Canva to Gumroad sales page setup - https://youtu.be/AnN_WgCEQzw

Real stuff:

Twitter Marketing

When I had 2,000 followers, I didn't know that I could create and sell digital products. However, when my follower count crossed 15,000, I came across a Twitter giveaway. Surprisingly, the creator hosting the giveaway only had 1,500 followers.

I sent him a direct message, asking about the giveaways he was organizing, and he told me that he creates MVPs. When I inquired further, he explained that MVP stands for Minimal Viable Product. For those unfamiliar with the term, MVPs are essentially samples of real products, created for testing purposes.

He managed to make $200 from free products and over $3,000 from paid products. I was shocked that someone with only 1,500 followers could earn more than me. We had a phone conversation, during which he shared his entire process with me. I learned from him and began my own journey.

Whatever I learned from him in phone conversations and the guides he suggested (what I suggested to you) I will share with you.

Twitter profile 10x the customer's trust in you

If you don't have a professional-looking profile then no one is going to buy what you're selling.

Your profile should have:

  1. A clear headshot of you

  2. A short compelling bio

  3. Cover photo with a tagline

  4. Link to your Gumroad profile

  5. Pinned Tweet of what you represent


Tools you can use to create a stunning professional profile in minutes:

Take a selfie of yourself or tell someone to take a photo of you.

To remove the background - Use Removebg

To change the background and make it professional - Use PFP maker (Profile Picture Maker)

To write a bio - Use Twitterbio.com and also ChatGPT - Use this prompt "Write a 15 to 20 words Twitter for me. I'm {your-profession}. I have {2 years of experience} in {writing/editing (anything)}. I'm building {mention what you're building}. I will share {what you will share mention here}"

To change or create a unique cover - Use Canva

Heading to the real thing!

The content I write and post is all about the products I have created or I will create in the future and people actually love it. The reason why they like my content is that it is valuable and relevant.

I try my very best to write content that will help my audience solve problems.

How can you write Twitter tweets or threads that increase your follower count and generate sales? Here's how:

In my case, I write about side hustles, no-code, and ChatGPT.

Take a look at my tweets:

I posted this thread and mentioned my product in the last tweet:

To be successful, create content that resonates with your audience and aligns with your products. Then, pitch your product.

If you're just starting out on Twitter and have between 500 and 2,000 followers, try this method:

You need to have an audience- if not try this:

Now, let's discuss techniques to grow your following with real people who will potentially buy from you if you follow my suggestions.

Before diving into tweet writing and content creation, remember to choose a profitable niche. How can you find one?

Examine your competitors' profiles to see what they're posting and the results they're getting. If the results are good, emulate their approach.

By "emulate," I don't mean copying the content, but rather the ideas.

For example:

I post about side hustles, no-code, ChatGPT, and personal development. If you want to write about these topics, you should:

  1. Check my tweets (if they're performing well, use them as inspiration).

  2. Read the comments (see if people are enjoying my content or not).

  3. Hunt for new tweet ideas.

When your competitor posts a tweet or thread, like, comment, and retweet (if you want) to show your support.

Examine their tweets and identify any gaps. Fill those gaps with your tweets. For example:

If your competitor posted a tweet about 10 side hustles but didn't explain them sufficiently, use this as an opportunity to write a more detailed tweet or thread on the subject.

Here's how to grow and write tweets:

  1. Twitter profile optimization (it is done)

  2. Creating content for 3 months

This method will work for everyone:

1st month:

  1. Write 3 tweets per day on 3 topics (the topics refer to the product you have or you'll create in the future)

  2. Write 2 threads a week

  3. Comment like a madman

  4. DM creators and build a community

2nd month:

  1. Write 4 tweets per day on 3 topics (the topics refer to the product you have or you'll create in the future)

  2. Write 1 thread a week

  3. Giveaways: 3 per month

  4. Comment like a madman

  5. DM creators and build a community

3rd month:

  1. Write 3 tweets per day

  2. Write 3 threads per week

  3. Giveaways: 2

  4. Comment like madman

  5. DM creators and build a community


Choose a profitable product, create one, build an audience, share your product, and get sales.

It’s not that easy but it’s not impossible.

You can do it - Make up your mind and go for it.

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