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Build a side hustle as a freelancer using AI

Here are 8 Best AI tools you can use to build a side hustle as a freelancer in 2024:

Freelancing cannot make you rich.

I've never seen a millionaire.

If you have a freelancing agency, then you can make more than a million.

But 99% of freelancers don't have this luxury.

If you're working to build a side hustle as a freelancer, use AI to automate everything.

Here are the top 8 AI-powered tools every freelancer building a side hustle must know about:


Join this 3-hour Power-Packed Workshop worth $99 at no cost and learn 20+ AI tools like:

 Midjourney to craft eye-catching visuals from mere words.

 In video and say goodbye to scriptwriting, generate videos with a single sentence.

 Humata which help you analyze and understand complex documents from your files

Claude AI that can generate natural, human-like responses to your prompts and questions 

 HeyGen; an AI video generator that uses generative AI to streamline your video creation process

Additionally, these tools will help you:

🚀 Do quick excel analysis & make AI-powered PPTs 

🚀 Build your own personal AI assistant to save 10+ hours

🚀 Research faster & make your life a lot simpler & more…


Create compelling short-form video content.

Details of the tool:

  • Tailored for edutainment videos.

  • Features teleprompting and video backgrounds.

  • Speeds up video production.

Streamline logo creation for your brand.

Details of the tool:

  • No design skills required.

  • Inputs include brand colors and slogan.

  • Provides numerous design options.

The most powerful AI chatbot out there which you can use.

Details of the tool:

  • Drafts emails and content.

  • Generates business ideas and plans.

  • Manages workload efficiently.

Canva is a powerhouse for creators and designers.

Details of the tool:

  • MagicDesign for easy graphics creation.

  • Produces social media graphics and slide decks.

  • Establishes brand identity.

Optimize your scheduling process without hassle.

Details of the tool:

  • Automates meeting times based on your availability.

  • Integrates with Google, Outlook, and other calendars.

  • Enhances time management by reducing scheduling conflicts.

Simplify your expense reports and tracking.

Details of the tool:

  • Automates expense recording from receipts.

  • Integrates with accounting software.

  • Supports travel and mileage tracking.

Produce and edit videos and podcasts with ease.

Details of the tool:

  • Offers transcription, editing, and overdubbing.

  • Simplifies video production with screen recording.

  • Enhances audio quality with studio sound features.

Automate content creation effortlessly.

Details of the tool:

  • Generates marketing copy within seconds.

  • Offers tools for blog posts, emails, and social media.

  • Helps overcome writer's block with creative ideas.


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PS. Everyone must embrace AI and learn it. I hope you start your journey from TODAY!