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Photoshop's AI Update and NVIDIA's Leap in AI

Next-Gen Updates: Adobe Photoshop's AI-Driven Fill Feature and NVIDIA's Strides Beyond Tesla and Facebook in AI Tech!

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In today’s ProHuman:

  • 🧨 Adobe Photoshop generative fill update (beta users)

  • 🚀 NVIDIA surpassing Tesla & Facebook & GPU for AI

  • ⚒️ 10 Latest powerful AI tools you should use

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First look at the example:

Magic of Generative FIll Adobe new tool for Photoshop

🎉 Adobe has introduced a fantastic new tool designed to supercharge your productivity. This game-changer helps you focus on what truly matters by swiftly filling empty spaces in your design.

Want to add, expand, or erase an object from your image? You've got it! And the best part? Your original image stays perfectly intact. 💪

✋ Wait, there's more! Brace yourselves for the revolutionary text-to-image feature. Simply type a line in English, and watch as the tool transforms your words into a breathtaking visual masterpiece. So go ahead and unleash your creativity - Adobe's got your back!

Here’s how to install it: ⤵︎

“To install Photoshop beta on your desktop, visit the Beta apps tab of your Creative Cloud desktop app and select Install next to Photoshop (Beta).

To work with Generative Fill, begin with making a selection with any of the selection tools in Photoshop around a desired object or an area in your image. Then do any of the following:

  • Select the Generative Fill button in the contextual taskbar that appears.

  • Select Edit > Generative Fill from the application bar.

  • Ctrl/ Right+click within the selection and choose Generative Fill from the menu.“

Check more crazy examples of Generative Fill here:

More cool stuff is coming soon from Photoshop, MS, OpenAI, and Google.

🚀 NVIDIA surpassing Tesla & Facebook

Still, wondering about NVIDIA? Here's what this industry is 🤔.

NVIDIA is a trailblazing company that designs computer chips 💻, and it's now rubbing shoulders with industry heavyweights like Tesla and Facebook in the stock market arena 💹.

Remember when Apple was the first U.S. company to cross the 1 trillion dollar mark 🍎💰? Followed by Google, Amazon, and others? Well, NVIDIA is hot on their heels with a worth of $950 billion 🚀.

They've even introduced a jaw-dropping $10,000 chip specifically designed for machine learning 💡. Whether for running or training ML models, this chip is a game-changer 🎯.

And guess what? NVIDIA didn't just enter the AI scene, they took it by storm ⛈️, winning over hearts ❤️ and making a splash in the stock market 📈

Check this video of a game character interacting with AI:

⚒️ Latest AI tools

  • Consensus - AI researching tool for academic research. Link

  • MoonBeam - AI long-form content writer. Link

  • Piggy Magic - AI mobile creations. It’s a text-to-mobile creation. Link

  • Levity AI - AI mundance tasks automator. Link

  • Mixo AI - Free AI startup builder for you to speed up the company-building process. Link

  • Andi Search - Free AI search assistant you can use for research. Link

  • PaperCup - AI dub and video translator tool to help you diversify your content. Link

  • Slides AI - AI presentation creator tool that you can use to create beautiful presentations in seconds. Link

  • Face Swap - Free AI Face swapper that you can use and have fun with. Link

  • Namify Tech - AI business name generator. Link

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