5 Website tools for business growth

These are the tools we've been using for months now beside ChatGPT and Midjourney. I can confidently say that if you use these 5 tools then you can easily scale up faster.

We run a $150,000/year business.

But we don't rely heavily on tools.

Some say that more tools equal more productivity.

However, they don't necessarily make you a well-performing entrepreneur.

Here are 5 tools we use daily that have monumentally changed our lives and saved us hours:

(Note: We use more than 5 tools, but these are the key ones we mostly use.)

In todays post:

  • 5 AI tools we use for productivity

  • X/Twitter brand building tips

Read time: 3 minutes.

AI tools

For Excel and Spreadsheets:

If you're a content creator or anyone looking to save time by using ChatGPT in Excel, this is for you.

Here's what you can use Numerous AI for:

  1. Content writing and idea generation.

  2. SEO keyword research.

  3. Bulk information extraction.

  4. Formatting messy data.

  5. Customer review analysis and more.

We use it for content idea generation and writing.

Want to save hours and say goodbye to the blank screen? Use Numerous AI.

For Content management and writing:

As a creator and ghostwriter, I use Typefully to enhance my Twitter growth strategy.

Its the best when it comes to content management, clean look, and features.

Here's how Typefully can benefit you:

  • Craft engaging tweets and threads with AI-powered writing suggestions.

  • Utilize a library of writing prompts for content inspiration.

  • Analyze tweet performance with advanced analytics.

  • Schedule tweets and threads to uphold a consistent online presence.

  • Collaborate with team members on content creation.

We rely on Typefully to optimize our tweet copy and engagement strategies.

Try Typefully today.

For ideation and team workspace:

3/ Notion with AI features

For teams and individuals aiming to enhance productivity and streamline workflows, Notion with AI is your go-to solution.

Here's what Notion with AI can do for you:

  • Organize content and automate tasks using AI.

  • Facilitate team collaboration and project management.

  • Generate and refine ideas within a unified workspace.

  • Enhance document and knowledge management.

We use Notion with AI for project management and creative brainstorming.

Looking to boost your team's productivity and idea generation? Try Notion with AI.

For designing and automation:

4/ Canva with AI features

No matter if you're a designer, marketer, or content creator, Canva with AI enables you to effortlessly create stunning visuals.

Use Canva with AI for:

  • Automating design tasks and generating smart suggestions.

  • Creating professional-quality graphics, presentations, and marketing materials.

  • Streamlining the design process with AI-driven tools (Canva Apps)

We use Canva with AI to simplify our design process and enhance our visual content.

For LinkedIn content creation:

10x your LinkedIn account growth with SuperGrow, a tool designed to level up your professional online presence.

Here's how SuperGrow can benefit you:

  1. Create compelling LinkedIn posts tailored for maximum reach and engagement.

  2. Analyze content performance to fine-tune your LinkedIn strategy.

  3. Increase your influence and visibility on the platform.

We leverage SuperGrow to enhance our LinkedIn content creation and engagement.

Tips for growth

We've helped over 30+ founders, CEOs, and creators build brands on Twitter and LinkedIn. Here's how we boost their accounts to help them grow monumentally:

1/ Identify High-Follower Competitors.

Find competitors with 100k+ followers such as Hasan Toor, Ihtesham Haider, Sahil Bloom, and other creators in the AI or entrepreneurship niche.

Takeaway: Knowing your competitors is crucial before starting.

2/ Craft a Noticeable Profile.

Create a profile that rivals or surpasses your competitors.

If they use AI avatars in the AI niche, consider doing the same.

Use tools like Canva, PFP maker, and Headshot AI to design a standout profile.

3/ Content Creation Strategy.

As a beginner, focus on mimicking successful content strategies rather than inventing your own.

Find gaps in your competitors' content and address those topics.

Takeaway: Adopt best practices from the masters and creatively fill content gaps.

4/ Tools for Maintaining a Competitive Edge.

For content management, we recommend Typefully, though Hypefury or Tweethunter could also work.

Suggested tools for growth include:

  • ChatGPT for ideation.

  • Canva for design.

  • Notion for project management.

  • Typefully for content management.

  • SuperGrow for LinkedIn.

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