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5 Effective Techniques to Improve Your Online Writing

I've written 500+ blogs and 30,000+ social media posts. And I generated over 100 million impressions on my content. Here are 5 writing techniques I use for writing online:

Most people suck at writing online.

By sucking I mean they write well but they don’t get any attention.

Which is a problem.

I happened to be using these 5 techniques all the time.

I took these techniques from Nicolas Cole, Dickie Bush, Dan Koe, and Paul Graham.

If you don’t know these guys, I suggest you read about them.

They’re amazing writers.

Here are 5 online writing techniques I use and you should to get better at writing:

1. Simple is better

99% writers don't get any attention due their words choice.

You aren't Shakespeare or a poet to use fancy language to convey your message.

Here's what I suggest:

1. Write in simple language

2. Don't use fancy language


"Instead of saying 'utilize,' just say 'use.' Keep it simple. More people will read and understand your message.

2. The 25-Minute Headline

There are millions who spent only 5 minute on writing headline.

And spends hours writing the body.

Amigo, it's not the way I write.

I use 25mins writing headline technique.

I spend 25 mins to write the headline.

Here's how to write the headline like me:

1. Writing down the best hook on the topic

2. Search Google, open the first 5 tabs.

3. Write the headlines in Notion

4. Write a hook combining all 5 hooks

5. Use ChatGPT to rewrite it

This is how I do it.

Each step takes only 5 mins.

3. Conclusion

AI sucks at this.

It can write the body as fine as Stephen King writing but sucks badly at writing the intro and conclusion.

You shouldn't use AI for writing the intro and conclusion.

Here's what I do instead:

I write the conclusion first and last

Here's what I mean by this:

Write what readers will learn in the post then add the conclusion the same sharing what I taught them in the post.

For example:

"Intro: You're going to learn how to write...

Conclusion: You learned how to write..."

Same thing but change of tense.

Start with your ending. Know where you’re going. I wrote this post’s conclusion first to keep it focused.

Result? Clear, compelling content that delivers.

4. Writing for the audience

These modern day writers like myself always speaks about writing for yourself and everything...

Let me tell you one thing.. writing for yourself won't do anything for you.

Because it's about you!

Not about them.

You need to talk about the reader.

5. AI for writers

I keep talking about this but very few understand this.


It's not going to.

It's just too early for anything like an AI tool to replace a human in any form.

I suggest learning how to use AI to become a better writer.

These are the tools I recommend using as a writer:

  1. ChatGPT

  2. Chapple AI

  3. Google’s Gemini

  4. QuillBot


You don’t have to copy all these techniques. You might know how to write but need a push. So, I suggest you take what's useful in this and start writing. If you don’t write, then you can't win!

Winning = More attention

You can’t have that by thinking and not writing.

So, start writing, my friend.


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