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  • 🚨 11 New Canva AI Features to Explore Now!

🚨 11 New Canva AI Features to Explore Now!

Bonus: Free AI assistant + ChatGPT and Midjourney course

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Welcome to our latest newsletter edition. We are excited to bring you valuable content once again. In this newsletter, you'll explore 11 amazing new Canva AI features that will blow your mind.

At a glance:

  • 11 New Canva AI features

  • Bonus: ChatGPT + Midjourney guide (worth $100 but we are giving it for free)

11 New Canva AI features:

These are the new Canva AI features that are mind-bending:

1. Magic Design

Write 5+ words in the search bar and get a social media post, presentation, ad, or anything in seconds.

You can personalize the content it generates by simply clicking on “Brand“.

With this new update, you can easily craft content for your social media and websites.

2. Magic expand

This feature has killed Midjourney…

In Midjourney this feature was introduced first but now you can use this feature and expand your images in any direction you want.

With this, you can fix bad framing and any direction problems in your images seamlessly.

3. Magic design for presentation

Powerpoint and Google Slides are so dead!

Get a custom and professional-looking presentation in seconds with Canva AI.

It’s better than complex outdated software.

Try it.

4. Magic design for videos

Create an amazing video using Canva's new feature…

Upload multiple photos or videos and Canva will generate a video with subtitles and music for you to make it more alive.

Write a prompt and done!

Try it.

5. Magic grab

This tool in Canva will help you redesign anything in your image just like a template.

Use Magic Grab to select and separate the subject of your photo and add elements to make it more engaging.

6. Magic Switch

Now transform your doc into a presentation and images into a doc easily.

You are not ready for this amazing feature.

Just take a look at this and it will blow your mind.

7. Magic edit

Now add, replace, or edit your images in Canva with short prompts.

Select, write a prompt, and do it.

8. Magic Morph

Select a text, write a prompt, and make your text 3D.

By using Canva you can now transform any text or share with a simple written prompt.

9. Magic write

Blank screen days are gone.

Use Canva to write your blogs and any content you want by just adding a prompt.

Now go from a prompt to a first draft or on brand copy in seconds.

10. Magic Media

Canva is coming for all AI video generators...

Soon in Canva you will able to generate videos using prompts.

Just write a simple prompt, enter and Canva help you generate an AI video for you.

11. Magic Animate

Presentations and other designs in Canva without animations and transitions seem dead.

Now with the amazing new Animate feature add life to your design effortlessly.

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